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Anglicisms in Slovak and Croatian language – on the example of television shows


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Kolesarić, Marina. (2018). Anglicisms in Slovak and Croatian language – on the example of television shows. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of West Slavic Languages and Literature. [mentor Grčević, Martina].

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The strong influence of globalization and the development of the media on a daily basis, leaves a trace on language too. That is why nowadays we are witnessing the growing influence of the English language, which has become the language of mutual understanding – a lingua franca of the 21st century. This paper was intended to show how many anglicisms are used on state and commercial television, and whether there are domestic expressions that can be used as their alternatives. Therefore, the paper analyzes four television shows – two entertaining television shows, In magazin and Chart Show, from commercial television programs Nova TV and Markíza, as well as two informative television shows, Dnevnik HRT-a and Správy RTVS from the national television programs Hrvatska radiotelevizija and Rozhlás a telelevizia Slovenska in a total duration of 299 minutes and 6 seconds in a period between 16th and 18th of May 2018. A total of 2834 foreign words was analyzed. The analysis showed that 378 words were anglicisms, which makes 13.34% of the total analyzed foreign word corpus. A large number of anglicisms was used in Croatian shows, while a greater number of internationalisms was used in Slovak shows. Moreover, the analysis showed that more anglicisms were used in entertainment shows, while on the other hand, more internationalisms were present in informative shows. In this paper, in the form of tables and lists, there is a detailed presentation of anglicisms and internationalisms for which there are no synonyms. Finally, the analysis has shown that, although there are domestic expressions in both languages, the broadcasts were giving an advantage to anglicisms, whereby Croatian media again give greater advantage to anglicisms than the Slovak.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: anglicism, internationalism, television, Slovak, Croatian
Subjects: Slavic languages and literatures > West Slavic languages and literatures - Slovak
Departments: Department of West Slavic Languages and Literature
Supervisor: Grčević, Martina
Date Deposited: 31 Oct 2018 07:43
Last Modified: 31 Oct 2018 07:43

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