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The cohesive role of the DUHOS religious community in student life on the example of the city of Osijek


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Galić, Josipa. (2018). The cohesive role of the DUHOS religious community in student life on the example of the city of Osijek. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. [mentor Belaj, Marijana and Potkonjak, Sanja].

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In this paper, I have relied on several concepts - community, association, pastoral, cohesion and the need for a religious community that often form a need for discussions in ethnological and anthropological and wider scientific and professional circles. With this work I have tried to show some elements that affect the cohesion of the DUHOS community, but during the research several other issues have been opened which, due to the time and space constraints, remained beyond the reach of this graduate thesis. For example, one of the questions that opened up during the research is certainly what are the exact duties of the members, and which personal preferences they have in the activities? Also, one of the questions is how a wider (local) community experiences DUHOS and its activities outside the chapel, but what is happening at a higher level between the archdiocese and the community itself? With these issues, I open space for further reflection on the activities of the DUHOS community and its similar communities.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: cohesion, religious community, student association
Subjects: Ethnology and cultural anthropology
Departments: Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
Supervisor: Belaj, Marijana and Potkonjak, Sanja
Date Deposited: 05 Apr 2019 12:53
Last Modified: 05 Apr 2019 12:53

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