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Prikaz izbjegličke krize u hrvatskoj u hrvatskim tiskanim medijima


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Štampar, Tanja. (2018). Prikaz izbjegličke krize u hrvatskoj u hrvatskim tiskanim medijima. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Sociology. [mentor Bagić, Dragan].

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This paper deals with the presentation of refugee crisis in Croatia in Croatian print media. The media serve to exchange messages and report on events, but they can, by using frameworks, shape the views and opinions of the audience. Reporting on events should be objective, although we can witness that this is not always the case. When it comes to minorities, whether racial or ethnic, numerous research suggest that the media ignores them or depicts them negatively and stereotypically, which contributes to the further marginalization and discrimination of these groups. In this research, by using content analysis, we analyzed 138 articles published between September 2015 and March 2016 when Croatia was hit by the largest refugee wave. The results showed that the refugee crisis and refugees are not displayed negatively, however the main concern is the security of the state, which shows distrust towards that group. Refugees, as a minority, failed to receive the media space or the opportunity to present the situation from their perspective. Further research is needed in order to better understand the phenomenon of the media's influence on the audience and society as a whole.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: refugee crisis, refugees, media, discrimination
Subjects: Sociology
Departments: Department of Sociology
Supervisor: Bagić, Dragan
Date Deposited: 29 Apr 2019 12:44
Last Modified: 29 Apr 2019 12:44

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