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Network structure of dysfunctional beliefs underlying personality disorders


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Lonza, Anamarija. (2018). Network structure of dysfunctional beliefs underlying personality disorders. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Psychology. [mentor Jurin, Tanja].

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Personality disorders present empirically problematic categories of mental disorders, as the boundaries between different disorders are often fuzzy in clinical practice, leading to their pronounced comorbidity, as well as the prevalence of a ˝personality disorder not otherwise specified˝ diagnosis. The flaws of categorical classification and the need for a paradigm shift are becoming more and more apparent, as can be seen in the slow, but steady progress made in newer versions of the DSM and ICD. This study, conducted on a sample of 1016 participants aged 22-84, employs a relatively new approach to psychopathology, that conceptualizes disorders as systems of causally related symptoms, in order to shed some light on the network structure of these diagnostic categories. It rests on a cognitive paradigm, as it measures dysfunctional beliefs underlying various personality disorders, using the Personality Belief Questionnaire. It also examines the position of an overall result on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale in the network of those beliefs. Results show that the score on the DASS-21, as expected, connects to the beliefs of anxious personality disorders. Moreover, they provide additional support to the need for the reconceptualization of personality disorders, by indicating marked overlap of beliefs between different categories, as well as an inability to obtain an expected three cluster solution.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: personality disorders, cognitive paradigm, comorbidity, network approach, network analysis
Subjects: Psychology > Psihologija ličnosti
Departments: Department of Psychology
Supervisor: Jurin, Tanja
Date Deposited: 13 May 2019 12:24
Last Modified: 13 May 2019 12:24

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