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Smrt : povijesni presjek teorija s naglaskom na sociološko-antropološku dimenziju


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Bečeheli, Ivan. (2011). Smrt : povijesni presjek teorija s naglaskom na sociološko-antropološku dimenziju. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Sociology. [mentor Cifrić, Ivan].

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Death is, like taxis, inevitable. Only certainty, present in every carbon-based life form (in those acquainted with sexual procreation). In its macabristic mysteriousness, represents a way of wich breed surpasses its own weakness. Every member of human kind, gifted with capabillity of self conscius, as a assertion of its own identity, is introduced with a package of defense mechanism in order to facilitate mentioned transition. Idea of its own mortallity guided the way of evolution of human psyche. And yet, remains taboo. The last taboo. All of the higher function of human mind, are connected, in some way, with this last, ultimate taboo. Death is a field on which are interlaced two extremities known to man. Idea of belonging to a specie, and idea of its own seperate identity. Death remains unavoidable, in spite of medical development. Death is still only postponed, and all of our medical systems insists on a common characteristic, dissalowance of culture of dying. Hypothetical situation of conquering the death would mean end of a specie. But yet, there still is a hope of dignity of dying, which should be attainble to every human being. Dignified way of dying has to be a right of every human being, it represents the justice equity, it is an indicator of social development, civil culture. One of the key roles in this way of meditation, surely is palliative care, with belonging infrastructure of hospice. They truly represent the ideas of altruism, and solidarity. Palliative care, marginalised, represents the answer of the idea of dissalowance of culture of death.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: Death, funeral, culture of death, culture of dying, palliative care, hospice
Subjects: Sociology
Departments: Department of Sociology
Supervisor: Cifrić, Ivan
Date Deposited: 19 Mar 2013 17:16
Last Modified: 09 Jul 2014 23:20

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