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The Psychometric Validation of Divergent Thinking Test Battery (DTTB)


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Juničić, Nataša. (2013). The Psychometric Validation of Divergent Thinking Test Battery (DTTB). Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Psychology. [mentor Ljubotina, Damir].

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The aim of this study is to conduct psychometric validation of a new Divergent Thinking Test Battery within the framework of two different scoring systems. The battery consists of 15 items divided into three subtests (Fluency test, Consequences test, and Problem solving test). The battery was applied to a sample of 255 high-school students. Cronbach's alpha coefficient indicates the high reliability of the test, regardless of the scoring system (α=.888 for uncorrected and α=.811 for corrected ideas). The sensitivity of the test was also high, although slightly higher when ideas were corrected in view of their suitability as a solution to the problem. Results are positively asymmetric, which is a result of the fact that the maximum possible score on the DTTB is theoretically unlimited. Factor analysis of DTTB revealed existence of two factors, but the first principal component explains 41% of variance when ideas were uncorrected and 30% of the variance when ideas were corrected, indicating the existence of only one general factor. Criterion validity of the DTTB gave positive correlations with GPA (uncorrected ideas:rs(237)=.266; p<.01; corrected ideas: rs(237)=.272; p<.01, Creative Behavior Assessment Questionnaire (uncorrected ideas: rs(230)=.179, p<.01; corrected ideas: rs(230)=.152, p<.05) and with Creativity Assessment Questionnaire (uncorrected ideas: rs(233)=.239; p<.01; corrected ideas: rs(233)=.204; p<.01). It is recommended to use the battery together with some other indicators of creativity in order to identify the creative students as accurately as possible. Also, further research is suggested in order to examine the functioning of DTTB when it is scored for the originality and flexibility of ideas, and not just their fluency.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: creativity, Divergent Thinking Test Battery, test validation, item analysis
Subjects: Psychology > Psihometrija
Departments: Department of Psychology
Supervisor: Ljubotina, Damir
Date Deposited: 13 Jun 2013 15:28
Last Modified: 09 Jul 2014 23:23

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