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The "dependent first" syntactic patterns in Kabardian and other Caucasian languages


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Matasović, Ranko. (2007). The "dependent first" syntactic patterns in Kabardian and other Caucasian languages. In: Conference on the Languages of the Caucasus, 7-9 December 2007., Leipzig, Germany.

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The purpose of this paper is to present data on a particular syntactic phenomenon in Kabardian, which is variously referred to as "backward control" and "long distance agreement" (Polinsky and Potsdam), "case and agreement climbing" (Johanna Nichols, following Spencer 1991), or "dependent first" pattern of case assignment viz. agreement (Matasović, in press). In this paper, this syntactic pattern will be referred to as "dependent first"; the Kabardian data will be compared typologically with similar constructions in other Caucasian languages, and we shall conclude with some speculations about possible areal influences which might have contributed to the spread of this phenomenon in Caucasian languages.

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