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Two steps forward, one step back: promises and risks for bibliometrics in the humanities


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Melinščak Zlodi, Iva. (2014). Two steps forward, one step back: promises and risks for bibliometrics in the humanities. In: PUBMET 2014 : The Plurality of Approaches to the Scholarly Publishing and Assessment, 18-19.9.2014., Zadar, Croatia.

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In recent years, there is an increased pressure towards the humanities and social sciences to adopt assessment and evaluation procedures based largely or even primarily on bibliometric and scientometric indicators, following the pattern form STM research areas. Bibliometric assessment is often perceived as objective, unbiased and easily implemented (as opposed to peer review); therefore it can be appealing to funders and decision makers in science. In Croatia, bibliometric indicators are used for assessment and evaluation in various situations: individual career decisions and promotions, project funding and institution ranking. Criteria for such assessments are often debated and disputed, especially by researchers from the humanities and social sciences. It is important that all stakeholders (research funders and policy makers, university managers, researchers, as well as librarians and administrators assisting in evaluation procedures) are well informed and aware of proper uses and limitations of bibliometric indicators, and of relevant recent developments in bibliometrics. The aim of this presentation is to draw attention to special characteristics of publishing and communicating in the humanities that have important implications in bibliometric assessments, as well as to the limitations associated with existing bibliometric indicators and tools for gathering bibliometric data. New trends and emerging bibliometric indicators (book citations, library holdings, book publishers rankings etc.) that promise more precise and more appropriate assessment in the humanities will be presented.

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Date Deposited: 17 Oct 2014 16:16
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