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On the Margines of Philosophy: Derrida and Freud


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Matijašević, Željka and Bekavac, Luka. (2008). On the Margines of Philosophy: Derrida and Freud. Filozofska istraživanja, 28(2). pp. 397-414. ISSN 1848-2309

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This essay encompasses Derrida’s analysis of the Freudian unconscious, as Derrida considers various Freudian metaphors of the unconscious – from the neurological model to the mystic writing-pad – triggered by the fact that old concepts could not serve the psychoanaltyical purpose, and, in the same vein, Derrida considers that Freud, by doing so, executes a blow to metaphysics, as the unconscious eludes any inscription into the already-existing logocentric notions, and leaves its traces by eluding the metaphysics of presence, which makes it similar to the Derridean différance. The second part of the essay analyzes Derrida’s diagnosis of the Freudian return into the metaphysical frame through which his theory is being disclosed as the compulsion to repeat the old energetic concepts or, via transference, as the inscription of Freud himself into the interpretative acts of psychoanalysis, leading to “autothanatography”.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: unconscious, mystic writing-pad, différance, logocentrism, autothanatography
Subjects: Philosophy
Comparative literature
Departments: Department of Comparative Literature
Date Deposited: 25 Jan 2016 10:47
Last Modified: 11 Jun 2019 09:01

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