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Sustavni pregled rezultata istraživanja prikaza žena u medijima


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Zrnčić, Goran. (2015). Sustavni pregled rezultata istraživanja prikaza žena u medijima. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Sociology. [mentor Galić, Branka].

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This paper attempts to examine, analyze and discuss the relevant results of previous studies regarding women’s portrayal in newspapers and on television. The aim of the paper is to give a comprehensive overview of major results found in scientific studies which explored the position and status of women in the media and to inspect and examine research materials concerning not only the key issues of presentation and representation, but also broader questions of women’s role in the media industry, most common stereotypes and discrimination strategies with a purpose of better understand the role of the media in the process of (re)defining gender and other relations. By exploring the basic concepts and features of media discourse, the history of women’s exclusion from institutions and explaining connection between patriarchal ideology and the portrayal of women on television, we’ll try to discuss the representation of women on television(status, image and presentation in news and drama program) and in newspapers (status, study of women’s section, covering the women's right movement), but also bring attention to the current portrayal of older women, members of sexual minority and ethnic minority women. Also, will’ll be discussing the position of women inside structures of decision-making in the media as well as issues of providing legislation wich would make women and men equal and establish standards and mechanisms to combat discrimination in the media.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: media, television, newspapers, women, sex, gender, patriarchy, feminism, discrimination
Subjects: Sociology
Departments: Department of Sociology
Supervisor: Galić, Branka
Date Deposited: 14 Jan 2016 09:18
Last Modified: 14 Jan 2016 09:18

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