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Social Conflict and Twentieth-Century American Culture : Dubrovnik, October 8-13, 1984


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Third American Studies Seminar Dubrovnik 84. (1984). Social Conflict and Twentieth-Century American Culture : Dubrovnik, October 8-13, 1984. Hrvatsko udruženje za američke studije (HUAmS), Dubrovnik.

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ABSTRACTS: The Labor Movement: Union Building and Union Busting in the Twentieth Century 1. Capitalist Resistance to the Organization of Labor (Larry Griffin) 2. Developments since 1945 (Ruth Needleman); Vietnam War Drama - David Rabe and the World of Streamers (Jasna Peručić Nadarević); Blacks Respond to Oppression: Understanding the Context of the 'New Negro' (Lester C. Lamon); Permanent Conflict of Institutions in the American Constitutional System (Branko Smerdel); Labor in Competition For Jobs: The Effects of Race and Sex on Labor Union Organizing and Organization (Ruth Needleman); The Political Economy of Social Protest Movements in the United States: from Populism to the Civil Rights Movement (Larry Griffin); Minorities and (or) Equality (Tibor Varady); Reflections of Social Conflict in Literature : the Proletarian Novel in the 1930s (Ivan V. Matković); Hemingway and Faulkner as Social Novelists: Lessons of the Masters (Zvonimir Radeljković); The Racial Trajectory of the Western Hero (Alexander Saxton); An Infinity of Conscious Pain: Cruel Enough to Stop the Blood (Erlene Stetson); Asian-Americans: the Search for Identity (Alexander Saxton); The State: for Capital - against Capitalism (Mladen Lazić); Absence of Working-Class Parties from the American Political Scene - Cause and Effect (Štefica Deren-Antoljak).

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