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Psychology and medical students knowledge and beliefs about transsexuality


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Milevoj, Karla. (2016). Psychology and medical students knowledge and beliefs about transsexuality. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Psychology. [mentor Jokić-Begić, Nataša].

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Previous research have shown that Croatian experts that deal with transsexual people dont't have the adequate knowledge and ways of providing assistance. It has been shown that the cure (diagnosis and treatment) depent on attitudes and beliefs not based on medical findings. The aim of this study was to enquire into transsexual knowledge and beliefs (about the causes of the condition and professional help to transsexull people) of medicical and psychology students, and examine whether the knowledge was gained by formal education or is it influenced by personal worldview of students. The participants of the study were medical and psychology students at country level, and the data was collected online. The study included 483 participants from different universities in Croatia. The results show that there is no difference in knowledge among students, medical students receive information informally, while psychology students acquire it by formal education. Also, medical students believe in psychosocial etiology of trassexuality, so they would direct their patients to the psychological treatment of the condition, while psychology students believe in the biological etiology, and would support their clients in sex reassignment surgery. In a hypothetical situation of contact with transsexual patients/ clients, political and religious worldview are also of importance. Future experts which find religion important in their life have a more conservative view of the condition, while future experts convinced in the biological etiology, would direct their patients/ clients towards possible physical treatment. Collected data indicate the importance of formal education in future experts schooling.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: transsexuality, formal education, future experts, worldwiev
Subjects: Psychology > Zdravstvena psihologija
Departments: Department of Psychology
Supervisor: Jokić-Begić, Nataša
Date Deposited: 18 Apr 2016 11:30
Last Modified: 18 Apr 2016 11:30

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