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Stojan Dimitrijević - research and teaching paleolithic in Croatia


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Karavanić, Ivor. (2014). Stojan Dimitrijević - research and teaching paleolithic in Croatia. Opuscula archaeologica, 37/38(1). pp. 343-348. ISSN 0473-0992

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While the work Stojan Dimitrijević did on researching the Neolithic and the Copper Age is well known, "his work on the Paleolithic is not often mentioned. His interest in Paleolithic archaeology was not superficial, but quite the contrary. The importance of Paleolithic period was such that, apart from Hoffiller, also Šeper, Mirosavljević and Dimitrijević gave lectures on that period, and none of them studied the Paleolithic as their primary field. Stojan Dimitrijević held a course on the Paleolithic back in 1965/66, and in the 1970s he wrote a synthesis of the then available knowledge and research in Croatia.The text (Dimitrijević et al. 1998) shows a good insight into the state of Paleolithic archaeology in Croatia (and wider) at the time the paper was written, and displays solid knowledge of basic world-wide literature about the Paleolithic, although he did not scientifically study the period in detail. These insights expand our view of Stojan Dimitrijević as a distinguished prehistorian of his time.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Stojan Dimitrijević; Paleolithic; Department of Archaeology; Paleolithic teaching and research
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