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The program of the Second American Studies Seminar: "The Crucial Decade: America in the 1960's", Dubrovnik, October 10-15, 1983


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Bašić, Sonja. (1983). The program of the Second American Studies Seminar: "The Crucial Decade: America in the 1960's", Dubrovnik, October 10-15, 1983. Hrvatsko udruženje za američke studije (HUAmS), Dubrovnik.

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PROGRAM: The Crucial Decade: America in the 1960's - 1. The Beat Legacy (Warren G. French) 2. The American System of the government of the Sixties - a view from Abroad (Eugen Pusić) 3. The 1960's and the Radical Interpretation of American Foreing Policy (Denko Maleski) 4. Pop Art in the 1960's: A Celebration and Critique of American Material Culture (Thomas S. Hines) 5. Religion and the Counter Culture of the 1960's (Stephen J. Stein) 6. Dissent and Free Speech in the 1960's (Patrick Baude) 7. The American Judiciary and the 'Cultural Revolution' of the Sixties (Tibor Varady) 8. The Sixties Words (Željko Bujas) 9. Malcolm and Martini: Antagonists in the Drama of the Sixties (Phyllis R.Klotman) 10. The Nat Turner Controversy (Ivo Vidan) 11. Saul Bellow's Intellectuals : Are They At All Representative of the Crucial Decade? (Mirko Jurak) 12. The Porning of America: The Movies and Chaning Attitudes toward Sex and Censorship (Warren G. French) 13. Norman Mailer's Revolution (Sonja Bašić) 14. History as Fiction: Campus Movements in the Late Sixties (Zvonko Radeljković) 15. Learning from Main Street: The 'Post-Modern' Revolution in American Architecture and Urban Planning in the 1906's (Thomas S. Hines) 16. Kurt Vonnegut: Photographer and Prophet (Omer Hadžiselimović) 17. Racial and Sexual Politics: Women Finding a Critical Voice (Phyllis R. Klotman) 18. The Anti-War Movement and the Changed Concept of Citizenship (Patrick Baude) 19. Deconstruction and Reconsturction of Reality: the Fictional Dreck (Mario Suško) 20. New Journalism : Journalism or Literature? (Ivan Matković) 21. Revisionist History as Drama: Arthur Kopit's 'The Indians' and Some Other Plays of the Decade (Dragan Klaić) 22. 'Dramatic Texts' and 'Performance Texts': Theatrical 'Events' of the Sixties (Jasna Peručić-Nadarević) 23. Can Democracy Work? Concepts of Industrial Democracy Emerging in the Sixties (Vesna Pusić) 24. The Sixties - the End of Fashion? (Djurdja Milanović) 25. The Myth of Sylvia Plath as a Symptom of the Anxieties of the Sixties (Ljijana Gjurgjan) 26. The Typology of the 1960s Women's Liberation Movement in the USA (Lydia Sklevicky)

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