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Valuable Connotations of Historic Places in Dubrovnik’s Literature of the 17th Century


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Brković, Ivana. (2009). Valuable Connotations of Historic Places in Dubrovnik’s Literature of the 17th Century. Dani Hvarskoga kazališta : Građa i rasprave o hrvatskoj književnosti i kazalištu, 35(1). pp. 255-276. ISSN 1849-0255

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References to historic territories appear rather frequently in Dubrovnik’s literature of the 17th century. Works of Ivan Gundulić, Junije Palmotić, Jaketa Palmotić – Dionorić, Nikolica Bunić, Bara Bettera, Petar Kanavelić and others, witness to that fact. Being intermediaries between plots (Dubrovnik, Slovene countries, Ottoman Empire), through (pseudo)historic characters as their representatives (for instance Osman, Pavlimir, Vladislav), or through direct sources, historic territories include, first of all, the idea of political, state community. However, their forming and evaluation in literary works directs to concepts of identity like patriotism, Slovenism and Christianity, which are characteristic for historiographical, cultural, political and ideological discourse of the time. At the same time, the representation of territories includes auto-centric perspective, i.e. by defining »own« and »other« in which the »own« territory mostly has positive value prefix, while »other« territories (not Dubrovnik, not Slovene, not Christian) have negative prefixes. In that sense, in the net of auto-ideas and hetero ideas, imaginary values on a hierarchical scale of historic territories, could be vaguely seen. Through historic, social and political context, it reveals that the ideology, politics and ethics in the 17th century literature of Dubrovnik, are strongly connected.

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Subjects: Comparative literature
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