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Kulturni život Indije za vladavine Mogulskoga carstva


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Vrbančić, Nikolina. (2014). Kulturni život Indije za vladavine Mogulskoga carstva. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Indology. [mentor Gönc Moačanin, Klara].

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This work follows the rise and expansion of the Mughal Empire in India from the 16th to the early 18th century. The Mughal dynasty was ruled by six major emperors, each of them with significat contribution to the development and spread of Indian art and culture. The Mughal art is marvelous synthesis of Indian art that was nurtured by local Hindu population, Persian art, which was brought in India by Moguls, along with some influences from local regions and Europe. We follow the construction of Mughal gardens, especially chār bāgh, as well as patronage of Mughal emperors on painting, music and literature. Many artists have found their places at Mughal court. It was, indeed, a golden age of art. Also, very important is the development of Mughal architecture, which in size and magnificence even today still amazes people all around the world. With decline of the Mughal Empire ended the golden age of Indian art.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Subjects: Indology and Indoiranistics
Departments: Department of Indology
Supervisor: Gönc Moačanin, Klara
Date Deposited: 04 Jan 2017 10:55
Last Modified: 04 Jan 2017 10:55

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