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Automatic Intonation Event Detection Using Tilt Model for Croatian Speech Synthesis


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Načinović, Lucia and Pobar, Miran and Martinčić-Ipšić, Sanda and Ipšić, Ivo. (2011). Automatic Intonation Event Detection Using Tilt Model for Croatian Speech Synthesis. In: 3rd International Conference "The Future of Information Sciences: INFuture2011 – Information Sciences and e-Society", 9-11 November 2011, Zagreb.

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Text-to-speech systems convert text into speech. Synthesized speech without prosody sounds unnatural and monotonous. In order to sound natural, prosodic elements have to be implemented. The generation of prosodic elements directly from text is a rather demanding task. Our final goals are building a complete prosodic model for Croatian and implementing it into our TTS system. In this work, we present one of the steps in implementation of prosody into TTSs – detection of intonation events using Tilt intonation model. We propose a training procedure which is composed of several subtasks. First, we hand-labelled a set of utterances and within each of them, marked four types of prosodic events. Then we trained HMMs and used them to mark prosodic events on a larger set of utterances. We estimate parameters for each of the intonation event and generated f0 contours from the parameters. Finally, we evaluated the obtained f0 contours.

Item Type: Published conference work (Lecture)
Uncontrolled Keywords: prosody in TTS, intonation model, Tilt
Subjects: Phonetics
Information sciences > Social-humanistic informatics
Information sciences > Natural language processing, lexicography and encyclopedic science
Departments: Department of Information Science
Date Deposited: 19 May 2017 09:24
Last Modified: 19 May 2017 09:24

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