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Advertising strategies and advertising impact on consumer perception


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Kiborn, Maja. (2017). Advertising strategies and advertising impact on consumer perception. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Linguistics. [mentor Bertoša, Mislava].

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The advertisement is a complex combination of verbal and visual elements that complement and depend on each other. We study the advertising discourse and its social dimension in the context of social semiotics. Social semiotics key term is the sign, a semiotic resource that is inseparable from social conditionality. Each semiotic resource has its own semiotic potential, the potential for creating meaning – which in advertising means that advertisement generates meaning by interaction of verbal and visual elements. In this paper, we tried to discern language and visual advertising strategies and to show the impact of advertising on the perception of the recipient. Language strategies include speech acts, utterance aspect, attributes, and persuasion formulas, while visual advertising strategies relate to ways of establishing image acts, framing, perspective, composition, and typographical peculiarities. In the final part of the paper, we provide three advertisements analyses according to the advertising strategies considered.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: advertising, social semiotics, advertising strategies, advertising analysis
Subjects: Linguistics
Psychology > Psihologija potrošnje
Departments: Department of Linguistics
Supervisor: Bertoša, Mislava
Date Deposited: 05 Feb 2018 09:11
Last Modified: 05 Feb 2018 09:11

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