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Dubički rat bez cenzure: između iskustva i reprezentacije


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Raguž, Marko. (2018). Dubički rat bez cenzure: između iskustva i reprezentacije. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of History. [mentor Roksandić, Drago and Šarić, Marko].

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The goal of this master's thesis is to compare different historical views on the last Austro-Turkish war that lasted from 1788 to 1791, when it ended with the Treaty of Sistova. Through traditional historiography and through the use of annals, but also on rarely used source kajkavian epic poem by Gregur Kapucin and epic poems of frontiersmen this master thesis is trying to find out is there in a specific overlap something new to be found. In a way, the axis of master thesis work on a three levels: a) personal one of frontiersmen, b) Zagreb citizen/cleric point of view of war far away from him; and finally c) historic one of modern day historians. Based primarily on the published sources due to the comparative nature of the thesis, it also heavily relies on representation theories and mutual connections between the representation and historical experience. Although war itself ended with heavy casualties, it wasn't remembered in common historical memory as succsessful due to its minor territorial engrandisment. It was remembered as shameful war, that even through greater numbers of Habsburg Empire couldn't lead to the victory and taking of Bosnia and Serbia. For a deeper understanding of the geopolitical situation in 18th century, this master thesis also focuses on Russian and Prussian policies on retaining a geopolitical status quo that lead to the war itself. There is also use of enhanced and adjusted models for detection of theoretical propaganda in the epic poems that this thesis relies upon. Also, as a part of Croatian historiography, thesis focuses on the continuity of Croatian noble struggle for their rights and shifting toward the Hungarian centre of interest. Being comparative this thesis does the same analysis for other Balkan peninsula nations to become that are under the influence of Ottoman imperial power.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Subjects: History
Departments: Department of History
Supervisor: Roksandić, Drago and Šarić, Marko
Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2018 10:25
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2018 10:25

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