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Usporedba sportske opreme u antici i danas


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Dragović, Suzana. (2017). Usporedba sportske opreme u antici i danas. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Archaeology. [mentor Pavlović, Ana].

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In this master's thesis we talked about Olympic Games in ancient times and today, and we compared sport equipmentthen and now. Olympic Games have always had the purpose to unite nations and play sports in peace. The only difference is that ancient games were uniting Greek tribes, and modern games are uniting whole world. Even though the gap between those games is more than 2000 years, there are a lot of similarities in performing some sports, and also in their equipment. In antique, every sport was far more violent than they are today, and it was not unusual if someone dies during the games. Pentathlon was sport that combined 5 different sports: disc throwing, running, long jump, javelin throwing and wrestling. The disc, for disc throwing, has changed and it became much lighter than in ancient times. Running on short distances in ancient times, runners were starting in upright positions, and now they are starting it in low start. In long jump, sportsmen were having special weights in their hands, which gave them extra push forward. Today, we don't use any extra equipment for long jump. Javelin throw was performed with help of an ankyle, which was giving the javelin bigger rotational force and more precise flight. Also, these days we don't use any extra equipment in javelin throw. Ancient wrestling was sport that grew in lot of different types of combat sports similar to wrestling with small differences, but none is exactly the same as ancient Greek wrestling. Box and pankration were two ancient combat sports that were really violent. Boxing gloves have existed in ancient Greece, and they were changing over the time. Roman gloves caestus were far more brutal than any other gloves, and they are forerunner of today’s boxers. Pankration is the sport which we can compare the best with MMA fights, because that sport didn't have much rules, everything was allowed. Ball games are changing everyday, since the day the ball was made up, but all games are made with the same outline. A lot of Greek and Roman ball games, we can connect to present kids games with small differences. It's interesting that in antique, lifting weights was familiar sport. They used big stones to lift them up and strengthen themselves. Romans used stone and metal weights. Sport and their equipment is growing and changing every day from ancient times until today, and it will grow and change even more, so there will be plenty of space for analysing both.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: Olympic Games, Olimpia, Greece, Rome, Sport, Sports equipment
Subjects: Archaeology
Departments: Department of Archaeology
Supervisor: Pavlović, Ana
Date Deposited: 11 Jul 2018 11:03
Last Modified: 11 Jul 2018 11:03

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