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Geld als Kommunikationsmedium


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Rupčić, Vjenceslav. (2018). Geld als Kommunikationsmedium. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of German Language and Literature. [mentor Magerski, Christine].

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This paper tries to embed the concept of money into a broader cultural-, economic- and sociological debate over the communication function of money. Special emphasis is given to the theory of money by Georg Simmel, who was the first to thoroughly question the mere economic nature of money, developing a complex understanding of money as a basis of human communication. This broad understanding of money as means of communication is then contrasted with standard economic theories, who limit the money to the field of economic communication. Finally, attention is given to the theories of Talcott Parsons and Niklas Luhmann, who were first to call money a medium of communication. In the last chapter these theoretical interpretations of money are applied to the case of cryptocurrencies.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Subjects: German language and literature
Departments: Department of German Language and Literature
Supervisor: Magerski, Christine
Date Deposited: 10 Dec 2018 08:28
Last Modified: 10 Dec 2018 08:28

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