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Methodics of speech teaching for film actors


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Šešić Mežnarić, Nina. (2018). Methodics of speech teaching for film actors. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Phonetics. [mentor Vlašić Duić, Jelena].

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Since the introduction of the synchronized sound in motion picture the speech received a great cinematic importance. Besides the fact that through dialogue the audience understands better the overall narrative, the speech on film contains many other components that reveal much about the characters, background of the action, and messages communicated to the audience. This paper addresses the topic of speech in the film, mostly through the perspective of usage of dialects, as well as preparation of an actor for a particular film role. In the analysis of the courses connected with the speech performance that actors teach in Croatian academies, it is evident that in the education of Croatian actors the focus is on theatrical, stage speech, and very little is teaching and studying the movie speech. Naturalness, which is basic in the film art, in addition to acting, must also be achieved by speaking. In the last 20 years, Croatian directors have been given the advantage of dialectal speech. In this paper was analyzed how skillfully actors are mastering certain dialect and how their speech performance matches their film characters. In interviews with directors the goal was to find out their approach to actors in speech performance and what is their way to achieve desired results.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: film dialogue, dialect, acting
Subjects: Phonetics
Departments: Department of Phonetics
Supervisor: Vlašić Duić, Jelena
Date Deposited: 26 Jan 2019 10:11
Last Modified: 26 Jan 2019 10:11

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