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Unamuno: una lectura posmoderna


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Drmić, Ana Marija. (2013). Unamuno: una lectura posmoderna. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Philosophy
Department of Roman Languages and Literature. [mentor Polić-Bobić, Mirjana and Čačinovič, Nadežda].

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The objective of this paper is to offer a postmodern interpretation of Miguel de Unamuno’s thought. This paper observes his work from the point of view of contemporary discourse and to connect some of his ideas with some suggested by the eminent philosophers of the second half of the 20th century. It also relates his gnoseological skepticism and the concept of the language and the reality with the contemporary doubt about the transcendental fundaments and the capacity of the language to represent the visible world. Another aspect in which we can perceive a similarity with the postmodern thought is the notion of the subject. A postmodern subject is determined by the Other, fragmented and fictional. We can observe the same problem in Unamuno’s vision. Furthermore, his concept of literature goes hand in hand with the postmodern thinking. He does not admit one true reading, but affirms the plurality of interpretations. The insistency in the importance of the reader leads to the disqualification of the instance of the author and his privileged reading. Unamuno’s anti-conventional attitude induces him to the suppression of limits between the genres and to the affirmation of the life as a fiction. Everything is subjected to the fictionalization and we can not distinguish the true from the false. The historic reality does not seem convincing and Unamuno wants to accentuate the intra-history as an opposition to the official history.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: Unamuno, Postmodernism, language, subject, fiction
Subjects: Philosophy
Romance languages and literatures > Spanish Language and Literature
Departments: Department of Philosophy
Department of Roman Languages and Literature
Supervisor: Polić-Bobić, Mirjana and Čačinovič, Nadežda
Date Deposited: 13 May 2015 12:12
Last Modified: 07 Dec 2016 10:14

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