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The dubbing of animated films in Croatia


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Babić, Romana. (2016). The dubbing of animated films in Croatia. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of English Language and Literature. [mentor Pavlović, Nataša].

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This descriptive study offers a detailed description of the process of dubbing animated films into Croatian. Considering the large number of animated films dubbed into Croatian and the surprising lack of data about this industry in Croatia, this paper aims to present a thorough description of all stages of the dubbing process, from the initial request of a dubbed version of an animated film until the moment the final product of this process reaches the audience. In this description of the state of the art in Croatia, special attention is given to the role of the translator in the dubbing process. The description of the Croatian dubbing practices is based on semi-structured interviews conducted with people employed in the dubbing industry, as well as on personal observation of a dubbing session at Croatian Radio and Television (HRT), Croatia's public broadcaster. Finally, the dubbing process in Croatia is compared with the dubbing practices of Western Europe’s most developed dubbing industries, leading to a conclusion about the state of the art not only in Croatia but also in other European countries.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: dubbing process, animated film, audiovisual translation, translator’s role
Subjects: English language and literature
Departments: Department of English Language and Literature
Supervisor: Pavlović, Nataša
Date Deposited: 22 Jan 2016 09:23
Last Modified: 22 Jan 2016 09:23

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