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Digital Humanities between Technology and Labor


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Cvek, Sven. (2014). Digital Humanities between Technology and Labor. In: Cross-cultural Readings of the United States, May 24, 2014, Zagreb.

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In this essay I offer a reflection on a conspicuous absence in digital humanities discourse. Engaging with the manifold ways in which the digital sphere shapes culture and society, the interests and methods of digital humanities appear indispensable in contemporary academia. However, it is my contention that digital humanities systematically omits dealing with the ways in which issues of technology converge with our labor in humanities today. Viewed in the context of an increasing adaptation of research and higher education to the market form, this disciplinary blind spot reveals technological instrumentality as a structuring principle of both digital humanities and its institutional setting, the “university of excellence.”

Item Type: Published conference work (Lecture)
Uncontrolled Keywords: digital humanities, university, technology, capitalism
Subjects: English language and literature > American Studies
English language and literature
Departments: Department of English Language and Literature
Date Deposited: 21 Mar 2016 11:26
Last Modified: 21 Mar 2016 11:26

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