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Work stress: coping, recovery and affective well-being


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Nezirević, Emina. (2015). Work stress: coping, recovery and affective well-being. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Psychology. [mentor Tonković Grabovac, Maša].

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Stressful work situations could be emotionally negative experience, but the consequences of work stress on well-being can depend on coping with work stress and the quality of recovery from work. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between recovery from work, coping with work stress and job related affective well-being. 420 employees from Croatia participated in the study. The following instruments were used in the online survey: Sociodemographic question scale, The recovery experience questionnaire, The COPE scale and The Job-related Affective Well-being Scale (JAWS). The results show that problem-focused coping and adaptive emotion-focused coping are related to experiencing more positive emotions at work. Avoidance coping and maladaptive emotion-focused coping (denial and religion) are related to experiencing more negative emotions at work. In addition, avoidance coping is related to experiencing less positive emotions at work. All dimensions of recovery from work are related to experiencing less negative emotions at work and all of them except psychological detachment are related to experiencing more positive emotions. Recovery from work add to affective well-being prediction of coping strategies, where employees that are better at recovery from work experience less negative and more positive emotions. Practical implications of the results of this study enhance the importance of encouraging recovery from work and use of adaptive coping strategies for affective well-being of the employees.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: stress, work stress, recovery from work, coping strategies, affective well-being
Subjects: Psychology > Psihologija rada i ergonomija
Departments: Department of Psychology
Supervisor: Tonković Grabovac, Maša
Date Deposited: 18 Apr 2016 11:24
Last Modified: 07 Dec 2016 12:05

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