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Kata Jajnčerova. Historicizing Women's Writing in Croatian Ethnology


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Potkonjak, Sanja. (2011). Kata Jajnčerova. Historicizing Women's Writing in Croatian Ethnology. Etnološka tribina, 41(34). pp. 87-112. ISSN 0351-1944

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The paper explores the work of one of the first Croatian women ethnographers, Kata Jajnčerova. Although a women of the previous century and a peasant women of limited education destined to become the first ethnographic sight witness, Kata Jajnčerova stands as a cornerstone in nativistic teleologies of nation formation, as well as a scholarly exemplar of an early self-explanatory “native” ethnographic correspondent. The aim of the paper is to frame the obsessive topics and techniques of Jajnčerova’s authority. The paper focuses on the mechanisms by which a native subject wishes for and constructs the emancipation of the peasantry from the epistemic obliteration by dominant political narratives – both by introducing the idea of voicing the experience and by solidifying a narrative to become a written testimony of the folk.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kata Jajnčerova, experience, ethnology, native
Subjects: Ethnology and cultural anthropology
Departments: Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
Date Deposited: 14 Jul 2017 12:23
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2017 12:23

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