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Constructions of femininity in Feri Lainšček's novels


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Zidanič, Jana. (2017). Constructions of femininity in Feri Lainšček's novels. Diploma Thesis. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of South Slavic Languages and Literature. [mentor Latković, Ivana].

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The theme of this master's thesis is an analysis of female identity constructions in the novels of the contemporary Slovenian writer Feri Lainšček. The analysis will be conducted on the following novels: Who Came In With the Fog (1993), Rooster's Breakfast (1999), I'll Part the Foam From the Waves (2003) and An Orchestra for Kisses (2013). The protagonists of these novels are primarily characterized by the desire to find true love. Subordinated to that desire, they fail to find their sense of self, moreover, in the name of love they accept the identity desired by collective, the identity of the environment in which they are placed by marriage or relationship, but to which they do not belong to. The different constructions of femininity were analyzed through the male-female relations and the influence of the patriarchal society of the early twentieth century. Furthermore, they are also analyzed as the examples of gender stereotypes such as femme fatale or the angel in the house. Since the novels are set alongside Mura and Drava river, the analysis draws a parallel between the main heroines and rivers, which serve as an exceptionally strong metaphor for demonstrating the changing course of female subordination and acceptance of patriarchal norms, through awareness of the problem and confrontation with the man and society and, in the end, freedom in the form of finding their unique personal identity. A mild feminist note that goes through the novels is presented in the end on two main characters, with the help of the model of feminist identity development. The goal of the paper is to analyze and determine the cause and effect connections and conditions affecting the personal growth and development of female protagonists in selected novels, as well as to discover whether such ways of constructing the female identity can be applied to the contemporary woman.

Item Type: Diploma Thesis
Uncontrolled Keywords: contemporary Slovene novel, Feri Lainscek, female identity, types of femininity, patriarchy
Subjects: Slavic languages and literatures > South Slavic languages and literatures - Slovenian
Departments: Department of South Slavic Languages and Literature
Supervisor: Latković, Ivana
Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2018 13:12
Last Modified: 06 Feb 2018 13:12

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